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The reproductive behavior of bush crickets has been studied in great depth. Studies found that the tuberous bush cricket (Platycleis affinis) has the largest testes in proportion to body mass of any animal recorded. They account for 14% of the insect's body mass and are thought to enable a fast remating rate.

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Roesel's bush-cricket, Roeseliana roeselii (synonym Metrioptera roeselii) is a European bush-cricket, named after August Johann Rösel von Rosenhof, a German entomologist Contents 1 Morphology


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Bush Katydids. As a group, the bush katydids have angular features and are more slender and lean than our other katydids. Many are quite elegant in appearance, arrayed in gorgeous shades of green and yellow. Found from forests to meadows, the males have songs that range from simple ticks or shuffles to pleasingly intricate sequences of buzzes.

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English: Roesel’s Katydid, roesels bush-cricket, Roesel's bush-cricket; asturianu: ‎Roesel's bush-cricket‎ dansk: Cikadegræshoppe; Deutsch: Roesels Beissschrecke, Roesels Beißschrecke; Schweizer Hochdeutsch: Roesels Beissschrecke; eesti: Ääris-niiduritsikas; suomi: heinätöpökatti; հայերեն: Ռյոզելի երկգույն ծղրիդ