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Dynamo Amazing Card Trick (Interactive) - YouTube

http://www.nokiaconnectors.com/Dynamo Makes Your Card Dissapear

Dynamo Teaches His FIRST Card Trick (MAGIC TUTORIAL) - YouTube

GET NOCs of STEEL NOW: https://www.houseofplayingcards.comLearn the EXCLUSIVE effect from Dynamo's FIRST magic lecture. BIG THANKS to Dynamo for doing this i...

Dynamo Performs Magic Tricks | The Jonathan Ross Show

Whilst on the show, Dynamo performs two tricks! The first a simple card trick and the second involving Emma Watson! Subscribe to The Jonathan Ross Show YouTu...

Dynamo's Card Tricks Revealed - Secrets Explained

Dynamo's Card Tricks Revealed. In his career as a professional magician, Dynamo did all sorts of different tricks. Walking on water, levitating, mind reading, ... you name it. But what he is probably most famous for are his excelent card tricks. When it comes to card magic, Dynamo is probably one of the best magicians in the world.

How DYNAMO did the card trick at TOTT -- REVEALED - YouTube

How DYNAMO did the card trick -- REVEALED Dynamo best & most popular card trickIn this video I'll be showing you guys how Dynamo used to do his most popular...

Dynamo Performs Live Card Trick For Eamonn and Ruth | This ...

Subscribe now for more! http://bit.ly/1JM41yFBroadcast on 13/11/15Illusionist Dynamo reveals his plans for touring the UK and peforms a card trick for Eamonn...

Dynamo Revealed - Explanations of Dynamo's Tricks

In 2011, Dynamo started his own TV show Dynamo: Magician Impossible. During the four seasons of the show, Dynamo performed all kinds of magic: from smaller sleight of hand tricks with cards to grand illusions like walking across the River Thames. He fooled everyone, from ordinary people on the street to celebrities and public figures.

Dynamo - Pharrell Trick Revealed

Here, Dynamo does some neat tricks on Pharrell Williams, who simply cannot believe his eyes when he sees Dynamo performing amazing illusions with no apparent explanations. First, Dynamo puts a mint in his mouth and then uses his necklace to get it back out – right through his neck! Then, he turns his credit card into Pharrell's credit card!