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Umpires Hand Signals - All About Table Tennis

In 1981 the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) introduced hand signals for use by international umpires. So, in addition to controlling the match with verbal communication, umpires can also use approved hand signals to indicate certain decisions. This is especially useful where the noise level makes it difficult for the umpire to be heard.

07 Important Hand Signals for Doubles Games • PingSunday

Universal hand signal exists in table tennis community. Show the thumb up to say that you are going to serve a topspin serve This server gives the signal to his partner: I will do a topspin serve.

8 Umpire Hand Signals You Need to Know • PingSunday

The umpire is not there to explain to you the rule. They don’t talk much, but just only give you the hand gestures. This is also one of the problems for some new players in table tennis. They come to the tournament, but they don’t know the hand signals of the umpire. And they continue to do the same fault serve.

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5 Basic Service Rules in Table Tennis • PingSunday

Basic hand signal of the official table tennis umpire. Here are common 8 common table tennis serve fault (Based on the official ITTF Serving laws with Umpire Study Case) Throwing not high enough; Palm is not open during the serve; Hidden serve; Throwing the ball behind the line; Throwing below the table; The ball rests on the palm

Tennis Terminology - "Hand Signals" - YouTube

Not really a term, but hand signals, when used to make line calls, are something you guys need to know about.

Hand Signals in Table Tennis - YouTube

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Umpire Hand Signals - YouTube

Want to know more about the hand signals used by a netball umpire, look no further. This video shows you the hand signal, what you need to say and how you sh...

Yellow Cards and Red Cards in Table Tennis

And for a third offence he will award 2 points, each time holding up a yellow and a red card together. If a player continues to misbehave after three offences in the same individual match or team match, the umpire will suspend play and report it immediately to the referee.