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How to wash this goalkeeper glove helps the glove washing process not in direct contact with the camera. Secure the cloth bag tightly to ensure that when the washing machine is running, gloves are not thrown out. Using a washing machine, you don’t need to wash it in warm water, because the washing machine’s temperature and rotation speed can easily damage your gloves. If your gloves are good, you can leave them on a warm baking mode for better washing.

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Here are some more tips that will teach you how to wash goalkeeper gloves: Hand wash them: Goalkeeper gloves don’t do well in the washer. Make sure that you always hand wash the gloves. If you put them through the washing machine, it’s very likely that they will get damaged. They also won’t get as clean as they need to be in the washer.

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WASHING GOALKEEPER GLOVES. To begin, place warm water in a sink or bucket. While you don’t need anything else to clean them, you can use a specially designed glove wash to give them an added degree of freshness. There are two popular ways to clean your gloves: Place the gloves in the water and use your hands to scrub.

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After Play: After using your goalkeeper gloves, make sure that you wash them immediately and leave them to dry naturally. However, if you leave your latex to dry out too much, it will become brittle which will have an impact on durability and grip which is not what you want (our guide on drying further down the page has you covered!).

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Whatever you do or however short of time you are, never toss those gloves in a washing machine. The maker may clear them for this type of washing, but machines and hot presses only dry them out, messing with the latex and reducing the moisture inside that gives the glove a good grip. How To Clean Goalkeeper Gloves. After a game, soak a soft towel in soapy water and wipe away all the muck that you have collected in the field. Wipe the interior of the gloves too to remove any sweaty odor ...

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Wash the gloves with warm water (around 35º) after playing in order to eliminate dirt that decreases the grip properties of the gloves. Do not use aggressive solvents or harsh cleaners. Wash by hand and not in the washing machine.