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While both sports have plays, soccer’s are largely limited to set pieces such as free and corner kicks, and soccer’s rulebook is far more streamlined. Coaches have more of an effect on play-by-play decisions in football, while soccer players need to make good judgments throughout 90 minutes based on coaching and practice but not play calling.

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Soccer is more of a democratic type of sport that doesn’t require you to have incredible physical attributes. Even though soccer is clearly the more graceful sport, it has borrowed agility drills from football. Complexity. If you want to play soccer, you only need a ball and a clear area.

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With American football already popular in North America and being popularly known as football, Association football needed a new name to distinguish it in the United States, so it was called soccer.

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American football is a game with intense physical aggression with players that have speed, power, and explosiveness that requires helmets and padding to be worn. Soccer (called fútbol or football in most countries) is the most popular sport in the world.

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Soccer or Association Football is the most popular sport played in most of the Countries. In American Football, the football is shaped like a prolate spheroid. The football has a circumference of 56 cm at the centre and the length of the football is 28 cm. The weight of the football is 0.875 pounds. Soccer balls are Spherical in shape.

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Soccer is way better than football, it isn't even close. S occer is better than football. Yeah, you read that right. Soccer is far superior to football in its service of fitness. (AP Photo ...

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American football is a lot of standing around, with seconds of high octane action. Soccer is more of constant, but not particularly enthralling action. The attacking team passing the ball around looking for a weakness in the defense may be tactically important, but it is. not a high pace activity.

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In Soccer you go for 90 minutes a half and although there are substitutions, you have to be an extremely conditioned athlete to play soccer. Not the case in Football, youhave offense and defense ...