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Each code violation (point, game, or default) under the Point Penalty System (USTA Regulation I.P.) (excluding Time Violations for delay between points, after warm-up, after a 90-second changeover, after a Set Break), two points shall be assessed for the


POINT PENALTY SYSTEM POINT PENALTIES Point penalties will be imposed against a player for unsporstmanlike conduct during a tournament as: Unreasonable delays after the warm-up period, between points and when changing ends, and otherwise unreasonably delaying a match Visible or audible obscenity or profanity

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Penalties Treated As If Points Actually Played. All penalties under the Point Penalty System are treated as though the points or games actually had been played so far as serving order, court occupancy and ball change are concerned. One exception, as Table 5 indicates, is that a player penalized for lateness also shall be deemed to have lost the toss provided for in Rule 9 of the ITF Rules of Tennis. The penalized player is allowed to choose an option but only after his opponent has chosen.

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Point Penalty System Table of Violations and Penalties Code Violations Delay: Not resuming play after a medical time-out. Not resuming play after treatment on a changeover Not playing within 25 seconds of having been directed to resume play. Passage of 25 seconds after any time violation. Leaving the court for an unauthorized reason. Conduct:

1.3. USATT Rules: 24. Point Penalty System

The Point Penalty System will be used in all tournaments provided. the referee is a USATT Regional or National or ITTF International. umpire. 24.1 Conduct which warrants imposition of the point penalty system shall. include: 24.1.1 Delay of game (i.e. excessive towelling, deliberately breaking the.

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Under the Rules and Regulations of Tennis, when a player violates a rule or does not follow the tennis code of conduct, the umpire or tournament official can issue one of the following: "Point Penalty" "Suspension Point" Generally, this results in the following escalation: First offence: Warning Second offence: Loss of a point Third offence: Loss of a game After the third offence, it is up to the chair umpire or tournament director whether this constitutes a Default/Disqualification. This is out

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For a first violation, players could receive a warning. For a second violation, players could lose a point. For a third violation in the same match, the penalty could be the loss of one game, which could mean the loss of a match.

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When a tennis player violets a rule and does not follow the tennis code of conduct then the chair umpire or tournament officials have the rights to issue warnings, impose a point and game penalty. Misconduct can also lead to disqualification from the match ultimately the tournament.