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Knowing the difference between grip and overgrip is fundamental since we all know that matching the right material with the player’s needs is crucial in a technical sport like tennis. You can walk down the hall of a sports store and see hundreds of tennis rackets on one side and only four different basketballs on the other.

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Replacement grips are thicker and wrap around the base of the handle. Overgrips are cheaper, thinner, and wrap over the replacement grip. If you use an overgrip, you no longer have to replace the replacement grip, (confusing, I know…), and you only need to worry about replacing the cheaper and easier to apply overgrip.

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Overall, replacement grips are more expensive than overgrips. Two Overgrips vs. a Replacement Grip. Interestingly enough, if you have been playing tennis for long enough sooner or later, you will stumble upon players that use two overgrips instead of a replacement grip and an overgrip.

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Tennis grip is the grip that comes with a racket when you buy it. The replacement grip is used when the original grip is removed and placed in its place. An overgrip is placed over the grip to get more cushioning, sweat absorption, width, and traction.

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In tennis, a grip is the first layer that wraps the handle on a racket. On the other hand, a tennis overgrip is a soft, padded ribbon, similar to a piece of fabric. This is often wrapped around the hilt of a racket. Replacement grip forms the base for your hands’ protection while overgrip provides extra grip and sweat absorption.

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Although replacement grips last longer, they will still lose their stickiness and feel over time, especially if you play regularly and/or sweat a lot when you play. In either of these cases using an overgrip will probably be better. Best tennis overgrips and replacement grips. Here are some tennis overgrips and replacement grips to consider.

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Overgrips vs. Replacement Grips A replacement grip is a thick and durable cover applied to a racquet’s handle to provide players with a comfortable surface for holding it. An overgrip, on the other hand, is a thinner, less durable wrap that is applied over the top of a replacement grip and changed more regularly.

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i would use an over grip even if the racket was brand new. when you use an over grip it will increase the size of the handle a tiny bit so you have to consider that but they do come in handy as you can change them much quicker, easily in 30 seconds if you are used to it where as replacement grips take a bit longer and require more precision. they are also cheaper and you can keep replacing them for a nice tacky feeling. replacement grips will last longer but as stated above the tack will ...