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The vocabulary of tennis and the terms we use in talking about it. Background history and famous tennis players. With vocab, example sentences and quiz. Vocabulary for ESL learners and teachers.

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Tennis Terms to Know. ACE – A ball that is served so well the opponent cannot touch it with their racquet. AD – Short for Advantage. It is the point scored after Deuce. If the serving side scores, it is Ad-in. If the receiving side scores, it is Ad-out. ALL – An even score. 30-30 is, for example, 30-all. 3-3 would be 3-all.

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Tennis Terms Starting with “A” 1. Ace. An ace is a tennis serve that lands in the opponent player’s service box but the opponent couldn’t hit it with... 2. Ad. Ad is the shortcut of the word “advantage”. A player is said to have an ‘Ad’ or ‘Advantaged’ if the player wins... 3. Ad Court. The left ...

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Tennis vocabulary, Tennis word list - a free resource used in over 40,000 schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots.

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1. Ace A serve that the opponent can’t reach with his racket. 2. Ad Court Left side of the court. 3. Advantage A player scores the point after deuce and only needs one more point to win the game. 4. Alley Area between the singles and the doubles sidelines. 5. Approach Shot Offensive shot which ...

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Check out the following list of common tennis terms: Ace: An ace occurs when the service returner cannot make contact with their opponent’s serve at all, resulting in the... Advantage-in: Also known by its more colloquial term “ad-in,” this is a reference to the tennis score if the server wins... ...

Tennis Vocabulary : We have collected almost all the words.

Tennis Vocabulary Advantage All Backhand Ball Boy Ball Change Ball Girl Ball Kid Ball Person Baseline Bounce Break Break Point Crosscourt Deuce Double Fault Doubles Down-The-Line Drive Drop Shot Ends Fault Foot Fault Forehand Game Game Point Grand Slam Ground Stroke Groundstroke Half-Volley Let Line ...

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Walkover (" WO " or " w/o "): Unopposed victory. A walkover is awarded when the opponent fails to start the match for... Western grip: Type of grip used if a player wants to generate a lot of topspin on the groundstrokes, is created by... Whiff: A stroke in which the player misses the ball ...