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Volleyball Drills - Best Volleyball Drills For Ball Control

These drills will run the gamut of ball control and cover everything you need to be a better and more effective volleyball player. Volleyball class during gym was fun, but it’s time to step up your game and these drills are going to do just that! 8 Best Volleyball Drills 1. Pass And Set Drill. Pass and set drill is an exceptional drill. Not only because of its effectiveness, but its simplicity AND you can drill by yourself!

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You do this by passing the ball to yourself while standing. You then go to one knee and transition to sitting on the ground. Work your way back up to standing while passing to yourself. The next volleyball drill is sit and stand setting. While standing, set to yourself. Go down on one knee and sit on the ground. Work your way back up to standing. Another fun volleyball drill is called down and up passing. You start standing, passing to yourself.

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Pass with your platform then to one arm and then the other arm. Aim for 30 seconds without the ball hitting the ground. After the three-touch passing now move onto three touch setting. Toss the ball to yourself, set, tip with one hand and then tip with the other. Then go back to setting. Now, it’s time to put the two volleyball drills together. This is the 6-touch ball control drill.

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Volleyball Ball Control Drills. The foundation of every volleyball skill, ball control is developed through repetition ... and more repetition. Try these drills to help your players develop control in every aspect of their game. June 2, 2021.

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Partner Setting Volleyball Ball Control Drills 1) Set to yourself, set to your partner. Left-right foot transfer. Follow all the way through to your partner. 2) Set to yourself, turn around and backset to your partner. You’re still doing the left-right foot movement and follow... 3) Set to ...

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Stand about 10 – 15 feet away from the wall. Toss the ball and contact it so that you’re aiming at a spot on the floor about halfway between yourself and the wall. Start by catching the ball as it comes back to you. Then, when you feel more comfortable, work on hitting the ball again instead of catching it.

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We focused half of our volleyball practice on ball control drills with free ball passing, defense, and serve receive. Watch more Volleyball Practice videos ...

Fun Volleyball Drill for Ball Control: Musical Volleyball

This drill focuses on both ball control and competitiveness. We can always use more ball control drills, and let’s face it, not all volleyball players are the most competitive. This is my attempt to “teach competitiveness” to a few of my girls.

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