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It is directly below the net. COURT: The volleyball court is an area divided into two equal halves by a net. It is 18 meters (59 feet, 0.75 inches) long and nine meters (29 feet, 6.375 inches) wide. The net is 2.24 meters (7 feet, 4.125 inches) high for women and 2.43 meters (7 feet, 11 inches) for men.

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Sports Imports has made it easy to determine what volleyball court dimensions and volleyball net heights are required to meet the regulations set by the FIVB, NCAA, NFHS and USA Volleyball. Boundary lines mark the perimeter of the court. The end lines mark the length or the court, and the sidelines to mark the width of the court. The Attack line is the line that separates the front court(the area near the net) and the back court(the area between the attack line and end line.

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Free zones at a minimum of 9’10” (3 m) are required around the entirety of the court with generous clearances up to 16’5” (5 m) on the sides and 21’4” (6.5 m) in the back. Volleyball Courts are flat horizontal playing surfaces sized for the game of volleyball. Indoor volleyball court surfaces are required to be made of resilient wood flooring or poured with a synthetic urethane.

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The volleyball court has a centerline that divides each teams side into a 9 by 9 meter area of court space. The volleyball net is one meter wide and is placed in the center of the court running sideline to sideline. For men's volleyball competition, the height of the net measures 2.43 meters (about 7 feet, 11 5/8 inches) from the court ground at the center. For women's volleyball competition, the net is placed at the height of 2.24 meters (about 7 feet, 4 ¼ inches).

Volleyball Court Diagram and Dimensions

The attack line is the line 3 meters from the net and runs parallel on each side of the court. If the attacker is taking a volleyball spike approach from the back row, the player must jump from behind this attack line if they attack the ball when it's completely above the height of the net.

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side of the court. In other areas, media equipment and personnel on the playable surface must be at least 2 meters (6 feet, 6 inches) away from the court, and within 1 meter (3 feet, 3 inches) of the boundary defining the playing area. 1.1.2 Overhead Clearance The playing space includes the playing area and the space above it.

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Volleyball Court Dimensions Diagram. Click on Image for Enlarge View. Overall Dimensions. The overall measurements for a Volleyball court is 60 feet by 30 feet. Each side of the court is therefore 30 feet by 30 feet in size. Center Line. A center line is marked at the center of the court dividing it equally into 30 feet squares. Attack Line. The attack line is marked 10 feet on each side of the center line of the court.

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Inside view of the volleyball court through its net. ... Side view of new and small stadium for summer games. Boy plays with a volleyball net. A boy plays with a ...

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The recommended beach volleyball court dimensions for Recreational play is 60’ by 30’. This allows for four on four or six on six play. Posts should be placed 1m (3’-4”) from each sideline, 36’-8” from each other. A recommended free or clearance zone of at least 10 ft is recommended.