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Zone Defense | Definition of Zone Defense by Merriam-Webster

Definition of zone defense. : a system of defense (as in basketball or football) in which each player guards an assigned area rather than a specified opponent.

Zone defense Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

Zone defense definition, a method of defense, especially in basketball and football, in which each member of the defensive team guards a specified portion of the playing area. See more.

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Zone Defense Concepts & Tips - Breakthrough Basketball

In a zone defense players are responsible for guarding an area (zone) of the court. This is an alternative to man to man defense where players are responsible for guarding a specific player on the opposing team. Reasons to Play Zone - Advantages of a Zone Defense. Good zones can limit the numbers of fouls you commit.

What Is A Zone Defense? Definition & Meaning On SportsLingo.com

What Is A Zone Defense In Basketball, Soccer & Ice Hockey? 1. This is a type of defense where a defensive player is assigned a specific area on the court, field or ice and is responsible for covering any player that comes into that designated area.

2-3 Zone Defense - The Complete Guide - Basketball For Coaches

The 2-3 zone defense is by far the most common zone in basketball and is more than likely the specific formation that will come to a coaches mind when they hear the term ‘zone’ relating to basketball.

Man-to-Man vs. Zone Defense: Inside the Basketball Defenses ...

In basketball, there are two types of defensive alignments: man-to-man defense and zone defense. To determine which alignment to use, coaches must evaluate their team's specific situation because their roster configuration may favor one defense over the other.

3-2 Zone Defense - Complete Coaching Guide

The 3-2 zone defense is a disruptive half-court zone that forces the opposition out of their regular offensive structure and set plays. The main reason for this is that the 3-2 zone hard denies the wings from the top of the key and forces the opposition to initiate offense with a skip pass to the corner or to play through the mid-range.

Basketball Defense - Match-up Zone Defense, Coach's Clipboard ...

Match-up zone is a combination defense, combining elements of man-to-man defense (on ball), and zone defense (away from the ball). It's a zone defense that acts a lot like a good man-to-man defense. The on-ball defender closes-out and plays tight like in man-to-man. The zone away from the ball resembles man-to-man "helpside" defense.